Test Fixture Rigid-pin system and safe contact of compact assemblies for reduced pin-grid.

Fine-pitch fixtures

Fast and rational development of new, even tighter packed layouts.

The purchase of a fine-pitch fixture has many advantages. A device of this category supports you in the testing of small test pads with dense grid patterns and saves you a lot of development work in new layouts. Even assembly groups which can't be tested with conventional probe equipment can be easily tested on a fine-pitch fixture. Both advantages can easily offset the extra cost of a fine-pitch unit. Especially where you have a large number of conventional small probes (0.050“ and 0.040“ probes) a unit of this kind can rapidly become a low-cost solution.

fine-pitch test fixture atxIn view of these arguments we are sure that you will not object if we present some technologically outstanding and at the same time highly versatile devices. ATX specialises in fine-pitch slanted probe fixtures. We can even supply you with devices featuring contacting on both sides and bi-level capability on the top and bottom side. An impressive level of accuracy is ensured by the minimum spacing of the assembly group in relation to the probe positioning, together with an extremely long operating life and a satisfyingly low maintenance requirement. Added to this are considerable time savings because the rapid exchange of probes with replacement cassettes enables a production process with even less interruption.

These further technical features are also first class:

  • Board sandwich for the mechanical resetting of rigid probes from a possibly extremely close adaptation to standard grid dimensions.
  • Wiring using wire-wrap technology.
  • Sensors or actuating elements can be integrated.
  • Contacting of test pads with a diameter of 0.4 mm and a grid size of .024" (0.60 mm) possible.
  • Direct adaptation of vias without test pads at the highest packing density.

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