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November 2020

      The MMIW-A interchangeable system with VPC iDock D3/D4 interface

    Testing reliable with highly sensitive signals. MMIW-A Grungerät und Wechselkassette

    More and more our customers are faced with the task of reliable testing assemblies with highly sensitive signals. With high-frequency measurement or signal lines, or very precise ohmic measurements with narrowly defined and specified values, the classic transfer interface of an exchangeable cassette system quickly reach their lintis.
    With the new MMIW-A-VPC we offer another modular platform that can be optimally adapted to your test requirements. The comination of the MMIW-A interchangeable cassette system and the VPC iDock D3/D4 interface opens up completely new possibilities. The MMIW-A mechanical fixture cassette system has already proven itself in the production of countless products on the market. Its robust reliable design, ergonomic operation and versatile application possibilities make it the Swiss Army knife of functional testing.

    The VPC iDock D3/D4 interface with its modular design offers the possibility to combine different contact modules. A large selection for signal, hybrid, HF, pneumatic, power or high-speed contacts is available.

    MMIW-A Grungerät und Wechselkassette MMIW-A Wechselsystem mit herausnehmbare Kassette Detailsansicht
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October 2020

      Get to know our mechanical and vacuum kits

    Our adapters are of course also available as a pure kit for self-assembly. You can get an overview of our kits here.

  • Mechanical Kits
  • Vacuum Kits

August 2020

      MMI-CI isolated

    This is a test adapter based on pure insulation and can therefore be used especially for relatively low electrical conductivities. The built-in connecting parts are thus insulated from the inside to the outside, so that the flow of electrical current is limited accordingly.

    Kassette mit iDock Schnittstelle MMIW-A Grungerät und Wechselkassette
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