Company Specialist Fixture Solutions, mechanical fixture for functional an incirciut test.

The Company ATX

More than 1.000 years of combined test fixture expertise: that takes some beating.

If you add up the professional experience of the fixture specialists at ATX the sum total will be very impressive. Our team of designers and production experts offer combined professional know-how of more than 1.000 years. And as the number of developers and designers is matched by an equal number of production specialists, we can provide you with an enormous pool of creative expertise with great depth of specialisation in all relevant areas of fixture technology.

What are the other significant features of ATX? Well, we are a robust, owner-managed company whose successful development is based on a mixture of technical leadership and down-to-earth traditional values. Well-qualified specialists work with team spirit and motivation. Our cooperation is characterised by a high level of personal commitment, respect for other people, direct contact, transparency and strong identification with the team. However, it is also typical of ATX that our thinking is original, different and always oriented towards new tasks. Hans Drexler and Rolf Link, our joint managing directors, are responsible for managing the company but are also actively involved in everyday technical operations.

We attach great priority to long-term thinking and action for the benefit of our customers. It is important to us to show closeness to the customer in every respect and to speak the same language as the most demanding of our customers. Our success indicates that we are on the right course with this strategy, because the names of our customers read like a "Who's who" of the electronics industry. For many prestigious and large international corporations we are the preferred supplier. And last but not least, since our company's start-up we have supplied well over 10,000 test fixtures to satisfied customers.