Customer Information Information we need to build your test fixture.

Customer Information

The following information is required for the fixture mounting:

ATX specialises in all aspects of fixture technology, providing the ideal equipment for every currently available test system and supporting you with one-stop shopping for all the required services. Your new test fixture has to be made to measure for your specific and practical application requirements – not the other way round! For this reason we will need following information:

  • What test system do you use??
  • Allocation of the interface, preferably in Excel sheet.
  • Graphic sampling data, preferably in GenCAD format. Please note that you can use the application Graphic data for test adapter assembly.
  • In case of testing the board during its implementation we need a total panel drawing.
  • Drilling coordinates in text format (e.g. excellon.asc, drill).
  • For the standard wiring we need a text file (e.g. wirelist.wir, fixtwire.asc, wires) which contains the needle coordinates with the corresponding interface channels. If the board is tested in a panel we need the wiring offset.
  • Is it a mere function test wiring or should the ICT wiring be expanded? We kindly request to provide us the data in tabular form. For this purpose, we have defined the standard UFDF.
  • Eventually, Information on placement and wiring of Opens Check sensors and switching probes.
  • Please do not forget to send us the required wiring information for any further assembly (e.g. marker, hood switch, etc.).
  • For inline-adapter systems we need a height profile from the manufacturer.
  • For pneumatic implementations we need the information on the available pneumatic connection (DN2,7; DN5; DN7.5).