Specialist Fixture Solutions PCB test fixture, test equipment for in-circuit and functional test.


Two ... three ... four ... can provide more expertise and specialisation than one.

Tasks that are difficult for one can easily be accomplished by several working as a team. On the basis of this principle ATX has established a considerable number of professional partnerships which provide us and in particular our customers with convincing benefits. This close cooperative networking with leading manufacturers of test systems and prestigious test institutes provide us with the necessary know-how about the latest developments in our industry. And keeping this know-how base right up to date at all times enables us to set the trend ourselves and to develop innovative technical scenarios instead of simply following developments.

Last but not least, our strong partnerships also help us to set ever higher benchmarks for quality, and this is where you as the customer benefit – the higher the quality which we provide the more reliable your test processes will operate and the more efficiently and thoroughly your PCBs will be tested.

Here you will find links to our main partners:

Manufacturers of test systems

Test institutes

LED check modules: