Service Specialist Fixture Solutions. Test equipment for functional test.


Our leadership is based on technology – and also on closeness to the customer.

You will have noticed in a number of areas of our internet presentation that we set ourselves high performance and quality standards. It is our aim to provide you with excellent, efficient and productive fixture performance well beyond implementation, commissioning and the initial operating hours. This is why we supply not only standard test fixtures and special equipment made to your specifications. We also keep an eye on the entire product life cycle and help you at all times to get the very best out of your test system. This ensures not just the long-term value of your investment, it also enables you to generate considerable added value in the fixture area.

To make sure that the "Made by ATX" fixture equipment operates smoothly and without interruption for many years in your production facility we support you with a wide range of tailor-made services. These include maintenance and on-the-spot service, the fast supply of spare parts and efficient repairs, informative and well-structured training for your operators and technical modifications when the layout of your PCBs changes. The decision about which of our services you take advantage of and in what combination is entirely up to you. The important thing for us is to know that when it comes to service you feel that you are getting the same high standards as with our technology.