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Stress analysis

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ATX is not merely the leader in wiring and testing. Through high-quality services in this segment, we ensure the best possible products.

We view our job as supporting you in testing your components and placing as little stress on your printed circuit boards as possible, even when they are exposed to high probe forces. For this, we recommend our stress-optimized fixtures.

Procedures for stress-optimized fixtures include:

  • Board stress simulations by means of FEM analysis: extremely high force peaks can be detected early and push rods and spacer can be placed in an optimized manner.
  • Layout optimization: allow the test feasibility of yourlayouts to be tested before the printed circuit boards go into production.
  • Peak scanners for realistic inspection of components.
  • Positioning of push rods and spacer optimized by software.
  • DMS measurement for verifying real situations. Stretch measurement

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