Test Fixture In-line fixture for all current handler types.

In-line fixtures

Experience and know-how ensure your success from the very start.

If you are looking for an improved first-pass yield rate and a reduced breakdown risk then the answer is the outstanding quality and reliable functions of ATX in-line fixtures. Each unit is the product of long experience and product development expertise. Our large team of highly skilled engineers combine in-depth knowledge of the optimum materials with outstanding skills in the mechanical implementation of their designs.

Based on this know-how we offer you the perfect in-line adapter for all common lines and handling systems: from CRS, Grohmann, Hatec to IPTE, Jot, Keysight, KTS, Philips, Rohwedder, Pematech and Spea. Furthermore, we offer you numerous additional technological features. Whether low-cost interchangeable systems as a replacement for expensive basic kits. Whether adapters with additional, pneumatically approaching needle beds for contacting on both sides, also in bi-level design or fine pitch. Whether board marking systems, barcode scanners, open probes or other special technical developments. How your technical concept looks like in the end depends on your product requirements.

Flexible exchangeable cassettes

mechanical text fixtureAway from cost-intensive basic kits – the flexible exchangeable cassettes by ATX are a better alternative, enabling you to make significant savings on initial costs, even for large numbers of changing products. As a result in-line kits with their high mechanical input can be re-tooled at much lower cost, because instead of the original fixture kits you only need to exchange a small inlay with probes and a simple interface.

Jot handling system

mechanical test fixtureHere is an example offering in-line/off-line combination on a jot handling system in combination with the Agilent Hp3070 test system. In the example the push finger is part of the jot in-line system. The vacuum lid enables the fixture to be applied on a vacuum off-line system.

In-Line- and Fine-Pitch fixture

mechanicla test fixtureFor assembly groups with very small grid spacing we have already implemented numerous combinations of in-line and fine-pitch fixtures.

Additional option – debugging station:

mechanical test fixtureAdditional option – debugging station: ATX supplies suitable pressure units for a range of handling systems. This enables the debugging to be implemented away from the line at a dedicated work station.

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