Test Fixture Test equipment for PCB-Test. Test Fixture for functional and incircuit test.

Linear Arm fixture

LHS² - Linear Arm Fixtrues

Whether it‘s a small assembly group or mini series, a prototype or limitedquantity production run – the more specialised and focussed your inspection and testing operations are, the more individuality the relevant hardware needs to offer. The universally applicable LHS² linear arm fixture from ATX is ideal for this purpose, because it adapts itself seamlessly to your specific application.

LHS² Linear Arm fixture

Your solution with minimal space requirements for trouble-free and low-cost implementation of small-scale operations such as flash programming or small functional tests for up to approx. 100 probes 2N. Offering considerable cost savings with small assembly groups and manageable quantities. The LHS² is the optimized successor of the proven LHS system and convinces by its robust design and the resulting high cycle resistance. Also high production quantities can be managed by these devices. The new bearing and lever have a positive effect on the maintenance and ergonomics. The open position of the contact pressure mechanism is secured by magnets impeding the undesired closing. Also the pneumatic and electric optional locking options are an innovation.

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LHS²W - Linear Arm exchangeable cassette system:

Providing you with a favourably-priced cassette solution based on the LHS² mechanism for frequently changing products. You save time during product changes because no tools are required. The hard-wearing interface ensures minimal maintenance and retooling times. The LHS²WG basic unit has been modified to enable the easy insertion of an external cable into the cassette from the outside.

ATX - Specialist Fixture Solutions, linear arm fixture, hand fixture for small series exchangelable cassette systemBig picture

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