Test Fixture Mechanical fixture with optimized ergonomics for function an incirciut test.

Man Machine Interface

MMI - Man Machine Interface

The MMI guarantees your employees a natural position, whether standing or sitting, when carrying out the test procedure on the adapter.

MMI mechanical stand-alone fixture:

With the MMI from ATX, you have the ideal fixture solution for function test, final test and ICT applications for up to 1600N (approximately 800 needles at 2N). Our new system combines optimal ergonomics with high performance, durability and precision, ensuring your investment over the long term. Another benefit of the MMI - it is prepured for a safety switch with guard locking, and an electrical interlock.

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MMIW mechanical exchangeable cassette system:

Providing you with a favourably-priced cassette solution based on the MMI mechanism and MEWG mechanism for frequently changing products. You save time during product changes because no tools are required. The hard-wearing interface ensures minimal maintenance and retooling times. For the change system we use a pylon block interface that individually transfers the signals with 170-pin signal blocks, power and coaxial blocks as needed, as well as blocks for fibre optic cables and compressed air.

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