Test Fixture Pneumatically driven fixture for high actuating forces. For FCT and ICT Test

Pneumatic fixture

Pneumatic fixtures

Increasing cycle numbers and probe capacity with reduced power use.

MEP - Pneumatic fixture

The MEP is a pneumatic stand-alone fixture for functional testing, final testing and small-scale ICT applications of up to approx. 500 probes 2N. This unit enables you to increase your cycle numbers and probe capacity without having to apply significant power. Our MEP represents fatigue-free operation. The lid opens automatically and enables the fast replacement of defective parts. Thanks to its compact construction and space-saving mechanism it can be flexibly combined with many additional components. A special feature which is only available from ATX: the MEP also offers bi-level capability. Quality and reliable functioning in continuous operation: ATX tested the MEP with more than 1 million operations under full load, an examination which the unit passed with flying colours, making it ideally suited to your large-scale production.

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MEPW - Pneumatic exchangeable cassette

The MEPW pneumatic exchangeable cassette system by ATX provides a seamless enhancement to the MEP. This low-cost cassette solution based on the MEP mechanism is suited to a range of exchangeable products. The fact that no tools are needed for the changes saves you a lot of time during the switch of products. Further benefits offered by the wear-resistant interface are minimal maintenance and retooling times. With individual interfaces for special probes such as HF, power or compressed air transfer. Outstanding continuous testing performance with wear resistance of up to 1 million cycles. On request this device, too, is available with bi-level capability.

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