Test Fixture Vacuum fixture for in-circuit test.

Vacuum fixture

Vacuum fixtures

Light, fast, low cost – suited to all currently available test systems.

vacuum fixture ATXThe high-capacity vacuum fixtures by ATX combine a range of benefits for perfect processes in your production environment. The vacuum cassette is customised for the size of the PCB, which means not only low unit weight but also fast suction. Low-cost exchangeable cassette systems give your operations with these components long-term flexibility and ensure the value of your investment. Our seamless quality controls before delivery include a wiring test, which means that wiring defects hardly ever occur.

Even before you decide to make your purchase flexibility is the greatest benefit, because the device is available in all stages of assembly and for all test systems currently on the market. From Acculogic/ Scorpion, Aeroflex and Keysight/ Agilent/ HP via Digitaltest, Reinhardt, Rhode & Schwarz to Spea, Teradyne/Genrad, TRI, Dr. Eschke and many more – you only need to name your requirements and your new vacuum fixture will come to you fully fitted with probes, wired and tested. Alternatively it can be supplied only drilled and fitted with probes, only drilled or as a basic kit. Optionally also available in a bi-level version and/or for contacting on both sides.

ATX also supplies high quality basic kits in various sizes, on request modified and with the accessories as specified by the customer. Accessories which can be supplied range from push fingers, vacuum lids and mechanical pressure units to plug-contact modules, boardmarkers, sensor and probe material, setting tools and a range of further tooling.

Especially convenient options are provided here, too, via the WK exchangeable cassette system with its low-cost, small, light and easy-to-store exchangeable cassettes. These are ideal when it comes to reducing testing costs. For additional cost savings they can be combined with exchangeable Mux boards for Opens testing (OXP, Framescan, Testjet). Hundreds of systems currently operated by customers indicate the practical benefits provided in daily operations by these technical concepts from ATX.

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